About Company


"PERVOMAISKDIESELMASH", ALC is the specialized machine-building enterprise, including factory for manufacture middle speed ship diesel engines and diesel engine - generators, stationary diesel engine - electric, gas diesel engine - electric units, gas engine - generators and cogeneration units on their base, intended for independent electric and heat supplies of various objects.

Released production:

  • Stationary gas engine - generators DvGa-500 and DvGa-630 capacity accordingly 500 and 630 kW working on natural or passing gas, mine gas - methane and other kinds of gases with electric ignition.
  • Stationary gas diesel engine - generators GDGA-500, GDGA-630 and GDGA-800 capacity accordingly 500, 630 and 800 kW working on natural or passing gas, mine methane, etc. kinds of gases with burning doze of diesel fuel.
  • Stationary diesel engine - generators DGA-315-1, DGA-500-1, DGA-630, DGA-800 capacity accordingly 315, 500, 630 and 800 kW working on diesel fuel.
  • Cogeneration units on the basis of gas engines - generators electric capacity of 315-800 kW and thermal productivity 0,3-0,9 gcal/hour.
  • Ship diesel engines 8CHNP 25/34 capacity of 560 kW at 500/300 rt./min, ship diesel engine - generators DGR320/500, DGR500/500-1, DGR800/750 capacity accordingly 320, 500 and 800 kW.
  • Diesel engines 6CHN-8CHN 25/34 capacity 400 600 kW at 500 600 rt./min, for drive of earth and water pumps on dredges.
  • Gas engines 6GCHN-8CHN 25/34 capacity 400 600 kW at 500 600 rt./min, for drive of gas compressors.
  • Block thermal power stations for the combined manufacture electric and thermal energy on the base, the mentioned above, stationary engine - generators.
  • All kinds of service of diesel engines, spare parts to engines, compressors, agricultural machinery, repair of crankshafts including other engines, air compressors, engines of other types.

"PERVOMAISKDIESELMASH", ALC has foundry, welding, machine-assembling, and galvanic, test and repair - tool manufactures. Modern enginery equipment allows make the basic parts and units of engines: the block of cylinders, crankshaft, cover of the cylinder, the piston, connecting rod, water and oil pumps, crankshaft bearings, piston rings, etc.

The main suppliers of components are well-known foreign companies, among them the German   company HEINZMANN,  Atlas Copco (Belgium),  PBSturbo (Czech Republic), Markisches werk (Germany), MIBA GLEITLAGER (Austria), and many others.

Advantages of middle speed gas piston engines and cogeneration units of "PERVOMAISKDIESELMASH", JSC are: simplicity and reliability, convenience of service and repair, low operational charges and the big service life - more than 80 thousand hours before the scheduled capital repairs, full resource of units - more than 200 thousand hours.

Production of "PERVOMAISKDIESELMASH", ALC is delivered in more than in 40 countries of Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Near East, Latin America.

Units with diesel engines of "PERVOMAISKDIESELMASH", ALC have received wide application on vessels of transport and fishery fleet, tows, dredges, on sea oil-extracting platforms, in stationary power - in regions of the Far North Russia. In Ukraine at enterprises "Teplpkommunenergo", and also at the enterprises glass, chemical and other industries are maintained cogeneration units by capacity 500 and 630 kW working on natural gas.

The enterprise has recognition of the Russian Marine Register of Shipping.

"PERVOMAISKDIESELMASH", ALC is the enterprise having in one person such opportunities, as development of engine - generators, their manufacture, realization of installation and starting-up and adjustment works, and also service and repair on objects of the Customer. Presence of such practice is the best basis for correct choice of the company - supplier.