“ Pervomaiskdieselmash ", ALC – the leading Ukrainian producer of middle-speed marine diesel engines and diesel engine - generators for shipbuilding, and also stationary piston power plant capacity from 315 to 800 kW.

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“Pervomaiskdieselmash ", ALС produces marine diesel engines and diesel engine - generators ranging from 320 to 800 kW, which are used to transport ships and fishing fleets, as well as offshore oil platforms, floating cranes, tugs, dredgers, etc.

  “Pervomaiskdieselmash ", ALС produces stationary engine - generators of three types:


  •    Diesel engine - generators DGA-100, DGA-315, DGA-500, DGA-630 and DGA-800 capacity accordingly 100, 315, 500, 630 and 800 kW, operating on diesel fuel and fuel from vegetable oils.


  •    Gas Diesel engine - generators (dual fuel) GDGA-315, GDGA-500, GDGA-630, GDGA-800  capacity accordingly 315, 500, 630 and 800 kW, gas-operated with the supply to the cylinders igniting dose of diesel fuel to ignite the gas (regardless of load) . Engines are started and stopped on diesel. In the absence of gas can operate on diesel fuel.


  •    Gas engine – generator DvGa-315, DvGa-500-1, and DvGa-630 capacity accordingly 315, 500 and 630 kW, operating only on gas-ignition of the electric ignition. Fuel for engines, can serve a variety of gases, both with low calorific value, low methane content and low degree of detonation, and gases with high calorific value.

       Engine-generators are designed for long-term permanent employment in autonomous power as a stand-alone and parallel work among themselves or industrial electrical supply unlimited power and heat cogeneration in the network.

        For larger power plants can use several units in different combinations of power, which can operate in parallel with each other depending on the daily power consumption during the day.



 Released production

Stationary engine-generator as a source of electrical and thermal (or removing peak loads) are applied across all industries that require electricity. They are: oil and gas complexes, glass, chemical plants, food industries and agriculture, timber industry and woodworking industries, housing facilities, long-term commercial and workers' settlements with no centralized electricity supply, etc.

Gas engine-generator can be used on objects with a centralized supply of natural gas and also on oil deposits with associated gas on marginal gas fields, coal-fired industries using coal mine gas -  methane, in the enterprises that have organic and wood waste to produce and  use of generating gas.

On the base of stationary gas engine - generators manufactured cogeneration plants for combined generation of electrical  and thermal energy in the form of hot water.






Electric power on generator plugs, kW




Thermal power, gcal/hour (kW)

0,38 (450)

0,62 (720)

0,77 (900)

Consumption of gas fuel at burning heat 8000 kcal/nm3, nm3/hour




Volume of heating water at usage of hanged on engine water pumps, m3/hour




Maximal temperature of water on outlet of cogeneration unit, оС




Temperature of exhaust gases:
    - on engine outlet, оС
    - on heat exchanger outlet, оС




Especially effective are cogeneration units with gas engine - generators, when used in existing utility boilers, using existing communications without disrupting existing systems. Connection to the boiler room does not require additional construction of transmission lines, sewers, thermal systems and water treatment systems. There are communications of gas, water, and therefore capital costs would be minimal. In this case, the payback period can be less than two years with the full use of the received electric power and heat.

The voltage of generator on the customer's choice may be 400, 6300  or 10,500 volts.

Start-up of engines is   pneumatic, by compressed air pressure of 25-30 kgf/cm2.

Engine cooling water-cooled dual-circuit with cooling towers, fan mini tower, or the inclusion in the scheme of heating and hot water for heat recovery. The engine is built coolers, heat exchangers for water, oil and charge air. Gas engine-generator sets are equipped with hot-water heat exchangers, exhaust gas emissions. When working in the heat recovery system connecting the inner loop engine cooling systems to consistently boiler - water treatment usual for both boilers.

The engine design dimension CHN25/34, based on moderate speed crankshaft (500-600 rpm), ensures high reliability.

Climatic modification of marine aggregates - OM, category 4 of GOST 15150-69.

Climatic modification stationary units - UHL, T; category 4 of GOST 15150-69.

Delivery of units to customer's specifications.


Terms of reliable operation of the stationary engine-generator without derating:


Temperature of environmental air of gas diesel engine-generator, in a premise

from +8°С to +45°С

Relative humidity, not more:
    -at temperature +25оС
    -at temperature +45оС

98 %

Temperature of water of an external contour on an input in cooler of air

from 0 to +32оС

The maximal under pressure on suction in the compressor

150mm of water col.

Maximal back pressure on exhaust behind the turbine

300mm of water col.

Decrease of atmospheric pressure (at height above sea level up to 500 meters)

up to 716 mm of merc.

For placement of gas engine-generators do not require a large area, they can be installed close to the end user, which greatly reduces the losses in power lines and heating systems, the cost of transporting fuel, and it provides a low cost of generated electricity and heat.

Engine-generators are recommended to set permanently in a closed, heated and ventilated room in which they are rigidly fixed on a concrete foundation. For the repair of engines installed on them monorail hoist with capacity of at least 0.5 t. For a single engine-generator is recommended room size 6 x 9 or 6 x 12 meters (multiple floors). The height of the room in which to install the engine-generator shall ensure workpits piston rod tilt-and not be less than 3400 mm from the plane of the foundation to the hoist hook. When installing the power plant a few engine-generators, the distance between their axes must be at least 3,8-4,0 m (more)



The warranty period motor-generator set 12 months from the date it is put into operation, but no more than 18 months from date of shipment. The warranty period for Hardware products are set to the period of guarantee of the basic product.

“Pervomaiskdieselmash ", ALС  sends the object Installation supervision of specialists for engine-generators, commissioning and testing of the power plant, staff training, and also carries spare parts and service for its entire life.